While exploring Miami Beach last weekend, I entered the Sagamore Hotel in order to see the various art works that they had available to the public in their lobby. As I walked down the hallway, I saw this:

Giraffe UN Summit art installation by Pascal Blondeau

It’s certainly an unexpected art installation – as I looked closer, I learned that it’s by the artist Pascal Blondeau, and it is described as follows:

On October 15 of 2019, on the eve of the UN General Assembly in NYC, the Secretary General received an alarming diplomatic telegram from Africa. Every day, animals of various species are being killed and slaughtered in the most violent way, some species are on the brink of extinction – the future of Planet Earth is at risk.

As a consequence, the High Council of Giraffes has decided to organize an extraordinary Summit under the UN emergency task force at the Sagamore Hotel during Miami Art Week 2019. One chair is left empty for any human willing to take part and act to help endangered species.

Here’s another couple of looks at the giraffe summit:

stuffed animal giraffes art installation by Pascal Blondeau

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