I saw a story with an interesting idea: The Prado Museum has created an awareness campaign with the World Wildlife Fund, using some of the art from its permanent collection to coincide with the 2019 UN Climate Change Conference which is currently underway in Madrid (December 2 – 13). The altered art works are meant to show the potential consequences of our changing planet; you can read more and see the before-and-after images here.

I thought that was a pretty cool idea, so I’m going to riff on it a little bit. I’ve taken Gustave Courbet’s 1875 painting titled “Beach in Normandy,” pictured below, and wondered what it might look like if Courbet had painted it after rising sea levels had altered the landscape (and seascape). Scroll down below the original to see my “updated” version.

Gustave Courbet Beach in Normandy before climate change

I’ve added some water from another Courbet painting, titled “The Wave,” from 1869. My mash-up of these two Courbet paintings is seen below:

imagining gustave courbet painting with rising sea levels

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