Lego Roller coaster

LEGO artist Tomáš Kašpařík (aka Chairudo) is a self-confessed “child that never grew up.” Like many kids (and adults), he has a love for LEGO, but he’s been lucky enough to turn his passion into a career. For years, he’s been creating extraordinary sculptures from the plastic pieces, and his latest creation is no exception. He constructed the world’s largest wooden-style coaster from LEGO, and it actually works!

Chairudo’s LEGO roller coaster is based on a real-life ride called El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey. El Toro is not for the faint-hearted—it features a terrifying drop of 176 feet (53 meters) at a 76-degree angle, the steepest drop of any wooden roller coaster in America. Chairudo recreated the winding structure in miniature, and it’s just as impressive as its real counterpart.

Chairudo used just under 90,000 LEGO pieces to create his model. It measures 6.5 meters long (21 feet), 1.2 meters wide (3.9 feet), and 1.4 meters tall (4.5 feet). It also includes 26 meters (85 feet) of track—the real El Toro is around 1,200 meters long (3,937 feet) and 60 meters high (196 feet). The artist has even recreated other parts of the fairground in LEGO, such as a “snail ride” and a spinning carousel. Chairudo asks, “Is there a better time to become a LEGO minifigure?” We wish we were tiny enough to take a ride!

Check out Chairudo’s LEGO roller coaster below.

Artist Tomáš Kašpařík (aka Chairudo) created the world’s largest wooden-style coaster from LEGO.

LEGO Rollercoaster

It’s based on a real-life ride called El Toro at Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson.


Chairudo’s miniature version  features 90,000 LEGO pieces and measures 6.5 meters (21 feet) long.


Chairudo: Website | Facebook | Flickr | YouTube
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All images via Chairudo.

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