With the decade coming to a close, the editors of ARTnews have been looking back on what the 2010s meant for the art world. Exhibitions changed art history, artists pushed their mediums in new directions, controversies rattled the market and the museum world, and a spread of books offered valuable food for thought. Below, a complete guide to our end-of-decade coverage.

The Most Important Artworks of the 2010s
From a groundbreaking portrait of Michelle Obama to a cyborgian dancer that captured the art world’s heart, these are the 20 artworks that defined this decade.

The Most Important Works of the 2010s: Favorite Artworks That Didn’t Make the List
The editors pick their favorite pieces that didn’t make the final list.

The Art Controversies That Defined the 2010s
A tumultuous 10-year period brought protests against museum practices, the closure of oldest gallery in the United States, and the arrests of multiple famous artists. Here’s your guide to the decade’s biggest art controversies.

The Most Important Art Exhibitions of the 2010s
Maximilíano Durón and Alex Greenberger select the 25 shows that shifted the way we talk about art history.

The Best Art Books of the Decade
From experimental fiction about the market value of art to game-changing anthologies, these are the best art books of the 2010s, as selected by Alex Greenberger.

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