Daria Halprin and Mark Frechette <i>Zabriskie Point</i>.

Daria Halprin and Mark Frechette Zabriskie Point.

ZABRISKIE POINT (110 minutes) M

Michelangelo Antonioni outdid himself with this hallucinatory 1970 masterpiece in which a couple of LA hippies (Mark Frechette and Daria Halprin) find refuge in the inhuman calm of Death Valley. Dismissed on its original release, this awaits wider recognition as Antonioni’s most radical effort to dismantle film narrative. Digitally projected. Astor, Sun 8 Dec, 7pm. Double bill with Blow-Up.


A nice British couple (Bill Travers and Virginia McKenna) enter the less glamorous side of the movie business when they inherit a crumbling cinema and its equally decrepit staff (including Peter Sellers and Margaret Rutherford). Co-scripted by William Rose (The Ladykillers), Basil Dearden’s delightful 1957 comedy is full of unforgettable vignettes. Film Buffs Forecast benefit screening. Digitally projected. Sun Theatre, Sat Dec 7, 2pm. Booking advised.

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