The Chemical Brothers: No Geography Tour ★★★★

Melbourne Arena, November 5

They came on stage to the sounds of Junior Parker’s 1970 cover of The Beatles’ Tomorrow Never Knows, a soulfully trippy vocal loop that urged the audience to surrender to the void. But there was little sense of nothingness about the Chemical Brothers’ two-hour set – other than, perhaps, the cavernous nature of the venue itself.

This was a spectacular fusion of sound and vision, complete with digital animations, live-action video – featuring wildly costumed dancers and more abstract sequences – giant bouncing balloons, a shower of fake snow and a pair of giant toy robots, laser beams shooting from their eyes.

That the Brothers spoke not a word – Tom Rowlands mostly anchored to his mixing desk, Ed Simons frequently stepping out from his to gee-up the crowd – barely mattered with so much else going on. Show designers Marcus Lyall and Adam Smith have been working with the pair for 25 years, and they’ve got the spectacle down to a fine art.

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