The Cumbres House is located in a neighborhood in Mexico City where there’s little separation between houses, thereby reducing privacy and views. Those restrictions required ASP Arquitectura Sergio Portillo to get creative with the design, leading to a large outdoor space that perfectly extends the interior while bringing natural light into the fold.

The monolithic structure looks as if a solid block was stacked and skewed on top of another. The exterior and its color were derived from the soil after the designers had to excavate and remove it from the site to make the project work. The soil was then turned into compressed earth blocks (CEB) which help reduce the environmental footprint, while grounding the home to the site.

Wooden slats welcome visitors to the entryway, balancing the starkness of the minimalist exterior.

Inside the home feels spacious and light-filled with white surfaces mixed with warm wooden elements. A linear skylight filters additional natural lighting into the home.

Photos by Rafael Gamo.

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