The RBSA is committed to continue sharing work and engaging our community in the visual arts, even while our gallery is closed. The surge of creatives sharing their daily art practice online during social distancing has been uplifting to see. If you’d like to get involved and share your artwork or articles, please get in touch at

Ed Isaacs RBSA

RBSA artist and urban sketcher, Ed Isaacs, joined the urban sketching community and is sharing is daily drawings with the hashtag #uskathome

Ed was in Edinburgh for the first few days of social distancing and produced a few sketches during his trip. Since returning home, he has challenged himself to produce at least one sketch a day.

Day 1, Dean Village Ediburgh, Ed Isaacs

“One big difference with this current work is that I have slowed right down. Rather than spend 20 minutes dashing off a sketch, these drawings are taking between 2 and 3 hours and I am totally enjoying the experience. I am also enormously thankful that the weather has become warmer. “

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