Surprisingly, listening to the Rocketman’s touching opening address and the first couple of tunes, you came to realise that HBF Park was the perfect venue for his last spectacular.

The venue created a sense of intimacy, without the usual skimping of sound quality. You could see that everyone from the stands to the ground floor were up and about.

When Sir Elton whipped out his classic Philadelphia Freedom, it showed he still had it all. His voice sounded just like his studio recording days. Pointing to the crowd and shooting them his focused but sassy looks, the seat grooving started.

He hasn't lost his magic.

He hasn’t lost his magic. Credit:AAP

His band in black and white, subtly decorated with Elton’s little touch of Gucci, starred in their own right. Band leader Davey Johnstone swung it out with his old school rock and roll style, supporting Sir Elton’s magical piano melodies.

You could see a mixture of every generation in the audience. Sir Elton’s music is beautiful in the way it unites everyone together, letting the crowd become one and live in the moment with him.

“To be honest with you, if it wasn’t for you people out there, I wouldn’t be sitting here right now,” Sir Elton said. “You’ve been the one constant treat throughout my career.”

His halfway mark blasted off with a spectacular Rocketman. A moment all WA Sir Elton fans will never forget. An eight-minute extended version of the song with incredible big-screen videography. Vision of planets flying by, the stars glistening and the audience intently begging for Sir Elton’s personal attention.

The screens gave fans a close up look at the action on stage.

The screens gave fans a close up look at the action on stage.Credit:AAP

Flying by some of his less-known tunes, (which were just as good as the chart toppers) we hit the classic song Candle in the Wind. The big screen showed a touching reflection of Marilyn Monroe’s life, featuring cinematography showing some of her old photoshoots and filmography.

Different from many artists towards the end of their careers, you could see that Sir Elton was genuinely having the time of his life on stage. He captivated the audience for almost three hours, but it was towards the end of the concert where Sir Elton showed he could play non-stop.

One costume change, and The Bitch is Back. Sir Elton and his band decided to show off their personal talents, with every member playing their own solo.

The whole crowd was on their feet, the real party had just started, and the 70s were back.

Sir Elton took one final pause to educate the audience on the devastation caused by HIV/AIDS and the misconceptions surrounding the virus. Referring to his work with the Elton John AIDS Foundation, he wanted everyone to truly understand his passion towards helping others in less fortunate situations.

“Ten years ago, I didn’t have a family,” Sir Elton emotionally said. “Now I do, and my family needs me, and I need them … I will never forget you guys.”

The legend delayed his wrap-up with Crocodile Rock, I’m Still Standing and Saturday Nights Alright.

He teased us with two more encore songs, fittingly ending with Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

If you were lucky enough to see this concert, Sir Elton made sure he gave you exactly what you wanted, making everyone’s night one to talk about for the rest of our lives. He plays in Perth again tonight before flying to Adelaide.

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