#black and white

December 1, 2019

Andrew LaSane

Italian artist Michele Volpi tattoos highly detailed conceptual pieces using black ink and the negative space of her clients’ skin. With a surrealist style and a monochromatic palette, Volpi inks diagrams of insects, plants, and human anatomy that resemble vintage illustrations borrowed from science textbooks. With precise lines and controlled dotwork, each tattoo looks as if it were printed rather than done by hand.

Born in Sant’Elpidio a Mare, Italy in 1991, Volpi tells Colossal that she discovered the art tattooing 5 years ago and fell in love. While attending technical school, she also practiced various art styles to fulfill a desire to have her “fingers in many pies.” A friend recommended buying a tattooing starter kit, and Volpi said that it changed her life. After learning the basics and experimenting with techniques, the young tattoo artist found that line and dotwork were among her favorites. “My style was influenced by geometries, nature, surrealism, and the sciences,” she says. “I like to push my self every day finding inspiration from all around me and trying to go beyond the shallow in what I see. The world of art is endless and I can’t wait to discover it with my passion.”

Volpi also translates her sketches to paper to create handmade works of art. To see more tattoos and for appointment booking information, follow the artist on Instagram. To browse and buy her watercolor bookmarks, head over to her Etsy store.

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