The mysterious Gonefellow is gearing up for his next limited edition print release through Castle Gallery NI, the primary source for Gonefellow artwork.

The new print, entitled ‘Playboy’, is being released through a lottery system due to high demand. This comes as no surprise, as Gonefellow has undeniably gained momentum over the past few years, from his ‘Graffiti Truck: The Parody’ back in 2016 (covered) to the more recent ‘Rude Farmer’ and ‘Boxhead’.

‘Playboy’ will be issued in several color variants: a main pink edition of 150 priced at £350, a smaller run in ‘Paris Green’ of 25, as well as 4 different variants in ‘Diamond Dust’ of 25 each. Each print comes signed and numbered by the artist, and shipping is expected to take place after the holidays.

Interested parties should reach out to Andy Lyttle at Castle Gallery IN, either through the website or on social media.

Gonefellow: London show in 2020

The artist is currently preparing for his major show in London, expected to take place in 2020. More details should become available soon.

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