Every once in a very great while, a product comes along that so seamlessly combines form and function, that so succinctly captures—shall we call it—a state of mind, that it must be brought to the attention of all seekers of gifts.

Because this, dear reader, is the perfect holiday gift. Given that this recommendation appears in an art magazine, surely you expect to be informed that the gift might best be given to those on your list who are interested in art, and who might recognize and appreciate the artist by whom it is inspired. Not so! This gift is perfect for everyone on your list.

No one will return this gift.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you this 2-inch-by-2-inch eraser, inspired by a 1976 John Baldessari painting and available through the Gagosian gift shop.

It’s the gift that keeps on taking away. Is its message a referendum on 2019? Only you can decide!

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