Navel Assemblies 9, “New LA Futures: LA’s People Charter,” organized by Matthew Donovan, Paige Emery, Francecso Canas, Olive Kimoto, and others, spring 2019 (photos courtesy Navel)

Hosted at the downtown art space Navel, Assemblies are community-led learning groups that investigate a certain topic, from wealth redistribution, to sustainable art-making, to Black ethics in rap. Assembly participants and leaders spend three months exploring their area of inquiry, with micro-grants, guidance, and space provided by Navel. At the end of that period, each assembly group presents their findings in the form of a talk, publication, performance, or website.

Navel Assemblies 9, “New LA Futures: LA’s People Charter”

This Monday, February 3, eight groups from the second quarter of the Assemblies program will be sharing their findings with the public. A group led by (Hyperallergic contributor) Renée Reizman will present on a “Radicalized Dead Drop Network,” meant to provide the homeless population with resources and information on technological devices placed around the city. Nina Sarnelle’s group will lead a workshop exploring touch as an artistic medium, particularly in dance and music. Two groups will tackle impending environmental catastrophes: R. Kauff and Jen P. Harris will lead “Deep Adaptation for Artists,” aimed at community building in the face of existential crisis; and Sara Drake and Maru Garcia’s assembly will motivate artists to engage in ecologically responsible methods in their own practices through the creation of a “Sustainable Artist Handbook.” For those inspired to lead their own Assemblies, the deadline for proposals for the next session is on February 5.

When: Monday, February 3, 7pm–10pm
Where: Navel (1611 S. Hope Street, Downtown, Los Angeles)

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