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Linda Neville ARBSA

Linda Neville shares the process of creating an etching, From Hedgerow to Hillside, to be submitted for the upcoming online exhibition for RBSA Members and Associates.

1 The aluminium plate is covered with a ‘ground’ and  placed into a tray of copper sulphate mixed with salt and water.   This ‘bites’ grooves and lines into the plate.  Then I remove the ground.

2 I rub etching ink into the grooves with a piece of rubber squeegee.

3 Then wipe the ink off of the surface of the plate, leaving the ink in the grooves

4 I place my plate onto my etching press, put some damp etching paper on the top, place some plain newsprint on top of that, then the blankets and turn the wheel so that the plate passes between the rollers at high pressure.  I lift up the paper to reveal my finished print!

5  The finished print

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