A spokeswoman for the Icebergs group said the Fort Denison cafe and restaurant project was still in progress and was awaiting government approval.

Tom Waterhouse’s wife refused entry to the Birdcage

She is one of the first ladies of horse racing, but that didn’t stop the Victoria Racing Club from refusing entry to Hoda Waterhouse on Melbourne Cup Day.

Hoda Waterhouse seen negotiating her way back into the Birdcage.

Hoda Waterhouse seen negotiating her way back into the Birdcage.

Spies spotted Hoda, the wife of racing dynasty scion Tom Waterhouse, trying to negotiate her way into the Birdcage with no luck.

It was clearly a ticketing confusion, as the mum of two had graced the Birdcage in her signature elegant style at Derby Day the previous weekend.

But whether it was a ticketing error or a case of mistaken identity, it isn’t a good look for the VRC after Hoda’s husband Tom backed Cup outsider The Chosen One to win for $1 million at Crown’s Call of the Card on Monday.

Jordan Barrett the model of good behaviour

Supermodel Jordan Barrett was kept under the watchful eye of two minders during his Derby Day appearance inside the Lexus Marquee.

Barrett, 22, joined model Montana Cox at the car retailers marquee’s fine dining restaurant run by Oakridge chefs Matt Stone and Jo Barrett.

A source told Emerald City: “Security asked Jordan to refrain from vaping in the marquee restaurant, but he carried on doing it. At that point, his minders decided it was time to leave, and the three of them exited the function”.

Montana Cox and Jordan Barrett attend the Lexus marquee.

Montana Cox and Jordan Barrett attend the Lexus marquee.Credit:Getty Images

The genetically-blessed man has graced the international runway for Dolce & Gabbana, Moschino and Versace as well as being awarded the Model of the Year Award consecutive times since his first Tom Ford campaign.

Bachelor couple’s post-Cup blue

Its been rumoured for some time that former Bachelor Tim Robards might have split from his wife of one year, Anna Heinrich, and last week the rumour mill went into overdrive.

Tim Robards arrives solo at the Melbourne Cup.

Tim Robards arrives solo at the Melbourne Cup.
Credit:Getty Images

Heinrich fuelled talk she’d split from her chiropractor-turned-actor husband after she posted a photo without her wedding ring, and later flew to Melbourne and checked into a hotel rather than staying the night at Robards’ home.

Then at a post-Melbourne Cup knees-up Heinrich and Robards engaged in a very public disagreement, as Anna wanted to keep partying and Tim wanted to call it a day.

“There was a big argument at The Olsen hotel which saw Tim storm off,” a source told Emerald City. “You could tell things aren’t quite right, Anna stayed out partying when Tim went home.”

The pair, who were married in Italy in June 2018, currently lead quite separate lives with Robards filming Neighbours in Melbourne and Heinrich working as a lawyer and television personality in Sydney.

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