I visited MAD yesterday … I thought it would be fun to say that, but it stands for The Museum of Arts and Design, located on Columbus Circle in Manhattan. I’ll have more on what I saw there later, but I’m going to jump ahead as to what I saw outside after I left the museum.

There’s a series of bronze block-like sculptures outside, on 8th Avenue, and I didn’t see a plaque listing the title or the artist … does anyone know who the artist is? If so, please share the info in the comments section below. I did a Google search, but came up empty handed.

At any rate, I was noticing the sculptures when a small, yellow figure caught my eye.

bronze sculpture outside MAD Museum of Art and Design in NYC

A closer look reveals that it’s not just a little yellow rubber ducky, but rather a patriotic rubber ducky, with his Uncle Sam hat and American flag. I’m sure the rubber ducky is not part of the piece, but it certainly succeeded in drawing attention to it.

patriotic rubber ducky on bronze modern sculpture

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