It will be such a relief for Sami Shah that he will no longer have to brush his teeth in the shower in order to get to ABC Melbourne Breakfast on time. It will certainly be a relief for ABC listeners and viewers that we will no longer have to hear about his personal habits. Perhaps for their next series Gruen could investigate that ad as an example of a spectacular fail.

Alex Judd, Blackburn North

Millionaires no more

In the last month or more on Who Wants To Be A Millionaire, the main prize at the end is almost always $20,000, $10,000 or $1000. It falls dramatically from $1,000,000 to $250,000 if one question is answered incorrectly. Then with only four or five questions to go, it ends with nearly nothing. Channel Nine should change the name of the game as it is presently a misnomer. It should be the $10,000 Game If You Are Lucky Show. Or perhaps they should just stop being so parsimonious.

Mary Lane, Mornington

Brekky’s power couple

Can we please get more for our 8 cents a day by having more of Madeleine Morris hosting with Lisa Millar on News Breakfast? They are a great combo of crisp, edgy and warm, experienced presentation. Madeleine is a punchy interviewer, keeping the pollies on their toes, and has economics nous. Lisa draws from a broad palette as a former foreign correspondent. Bring it on, girls.

Cheri Lee, Somers

Spectrum of delight

Thank you, Debi Enker, for the excellent review of the series Love on the Spectrum (ABC). These lovely young adults on the autism spectrum hoping for a relationship are so brave and candid and it was uplifting to watch their progress. We need more reality show like this rather than so-called reality shows such as The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Married at First Sight.

Susan Munday, Bentleigh East

Stretch of imagination

Is there any reason why the female Big Bash cricketers’ uniforms have apparently elasticised black material on the back of their pants at the ankle and their male counterparts do not? Are the BBL costume regulators worried that women are more likely to trip over if their pants are not secured at the ankles? This takes pyjama cricket to a risible level.

Cheri Lee, Somers

Leave those kids alone

Who was the genius that instigated the interview by the female Channel Seven reporter of the Warner children on Saturday afternoon? Invasive and disgraceful behaviour.

Keith Robinson, Glen Waverley

Vale Clive

Thank you, Kerry O’Brien, and the ABC for that wonderful interview with Clive James. I laughed, cried and felt part of it. You showed us all just what a great human being he was. The world has indeed lost a treasure.

Lyn Turnbull, Cranbourne

Common touch

The most interesting segments of Australia Talks were the interviews with Australians of all ages from all over the country, none of whom were comedians with canned laughter. Also, are Annabel Crabb, Waleed Aly and Julie Bishop comedians?

Kay Cole, Hawthorn East

That time of year

It’s only the end of November and the ABC has already moved to repeats of past series at prime time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. It’s going to be a long summer!

Rosa Lorenzon, Coburg

Cruel twist

I watched the always-brilliant Australian Story on December 2 about the young Iraqi labourer’s catastrophic workplace accident and his extraordinary road to recovery, masterminded by an Iraqi-Australian orthopaedic surgeon. This was an inspirational tale of friendship, resilience, shared culture and triumph over adversity … but my main takeaway was the cruelty and inhumanity of the Australian government sending this young man’s family back to Finland in the middle of his treatment and recovery: how could this happen in a civilised country?

Gabrielle Moylan, Richmond

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