I am frankly shocked that Melbourne 774 listeners are now being asked to lose Richelle Hunt from afternoons and The Friday Review. Are you actually aware of what a treasure you have in Richelle? She’s a serious diamond, honest, genuine, loving, empathetic and doesn’t have a fake bone in her body. We’re not only going to lose her to Jacinta Parsons, who, you may by now have noticed, is not someone that the Melbourne audience warms to, but we will also will lose the priceless partnership with Brian Nankervis on a Friday afternoon. Please at the very least put Richelle back on The Friday Review.

Jen Dillon, Melbourne

Naked truth about body image

Normally an adverse hater of reality TV, I decided to give Naked Beach (10 Peach) a chance. What I saw was a show that addresses one of the biggest issues in our modern society – body issues. It removes the assumption that all people need to be perfect, as the general media expects, and returns dignity to those in society who have been demeaned. It is based on medical professionals exploring peoples insecurities and through “mentors” allowing them to overcome them.

Andrew Connell, Newtown

Less chat, more awards

I was really looking forward to the AACTA Awards show, however, what I tuned into was the Shane Jacobson chat show, a show occasionally interrupted with an award presentation. What a disappointment, Channel Seven.

Samantha Keir, East Brighton

Seven passes the test

What a great difference watching and listening to the Test matches this season on Channel Seven. The commentary is informed and I am learning a lot. It’s great to hear Tim Lane again, Ponting, McGrath, Katich, etc. All is well now.

Jo Olsen, Blairgowrie

Beyond the call of duty

Well done, Channel Seven, for Beyond the Boundary. What a great insight into the women’s cricket Ashes tour of England. All players were profiled in their environment with the highs and lows.

Greig Morris, Essendon

Banging the drum of balance

There’s a pattern emerging on The Drum, which is appearing more like a mothers club (don’t bring up donuts in the canteen); a panel of familiar earnest women with at most two blokes, and they’re quaking. Politically correct females, female Muslims, Indigenous activists, African heritage and Asian academics. They all talk over one another. How about balance and who is cooking the tea?

Margaret Skeen, Point Lonsdale

Financial talk makes sense

After a number of years, when Channel Ten’s financial coverage on 10 News First was about 30 seconds of stock market results and currency rates, with no commentary, the recent change to provide extended coverage of various financial topics with a commentator (Charlotte Goodlet) is welcomed.

Robin Schokman, Doncaster

Deborah Mailman poses after winning the AACTA Award for Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama at the 2019 AACTA Awards.

Deborah Mailman poses after winning the AACTA Award for Best Lead Actress in a Television Drama at the 2019 AACTA Awards.Credit:AAP

Mission control

I was very pleased to see Deborah Mailman awarded best actress in the recent AACTA awards. She played an incredible part in Total Control which had to be one of the best shows on TV this year. Thank you to the writers for giving us some idea of where our current politicians and
society are up to. We sure have a long way to go but Total Control is a positive step.

Michael McKeon, Dingley Village

Losing the plot

Years and Years at times made me feel vaguely apprehensive for the future, but its end was puerile –  Hollywood 101. Incomprehensible plot with the baddies getting their just desserts and the goodies all happy and smiling. Such a letdown from a great starting premise; clearly the writers lost the plot.

Dennis Whelan, Balwyn

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