Khlongtoei House began as two townhouses located in an alley in the Khlong Toei district of Bangkok, Thailand. To make way for the next generation, Archimontage Design Fields Sophisticated were tasked with transforming the inherited property into a modern home for an owner who relishes privacy. The project scope began with renovating the exterior to include a super tall fence that helps cut down on heat and the prying eyes of those walking by.

Behind the fence, a large empty space functions as a place to park the cars.

The ground floor houses the living room, dining room, and kitchen, that’s designed for both relaxation and being social. The raised pattern on the wood walls has a similar look to the design of the fence in the front helping to tie the two spaces together.

The upstairs houses the master bedroom with zones that include areas for sleeping, resting, dressing, and of course, the bathroom. There’s also a corner set aside for praying.


Photos by SkyGround architectural film & photography.

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