Which was exactly as it should be.

For while there is little genuinely new in the boy-girl scenarios and conventional pop-rock  of the Mendes oeuvre, it sure felt new to an audience dominated by teenage girls who rarely stopped yelling and swaying along.

To his credit, like Justin Bieber before him, Mendes is a pop star who can play.

A high-speed strumming intro to Youth, the one strident offering, showed off great guitar technique while the bluesy Where Were You In The Morning?  revealed a student of John Mayer.

Mendes’ voice was just as easy on the ear, its default croon interspersed with high notes that never failed to get this crowd’s scream-o-meter into the red.

Shawn Mendes performs on the Perth leg of his 'The Tour 2019'.

Shawn Mendes performs on the Perth leg of his ‘The Tour 2019’.Credit:Duncan Barnes

Less certain is whether anyone will remember a Shawn Mendes song in 20 years, apart from the written-by-committee earworm Senorita. (On record a duet with girlfriend Camila Cabello, in her absence this night the mega-hit only got 30 seconds, milked for drama by Mendes as a slow piano intro to a medley.)

For all the surface thrills of There’s Nothing Holding Me Back or If I Can’t Have You, for instance, and despite everyone here seeming to know their snappy hooks, the banality at their core made them feel disposable.

Meanwhile, two of this night’s most distinctive, affecting tunes – the quirky, funky Nervous and conversational Like To Be You – were both penned with Julia Michaels, who could only fill the Enmore Theatre here in September, but is the better songwriter.

However In The Blood, recorded in 2018, showed Mendes may yet be more than a flash-in-the-pan. A power ballad confronting his issues with anxiety, Mendes’ long-jump at its soaring conclusion, just as the ticker-tape cannons blasted, was one moment the star seemed to share our euphoria.

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