Metro Sexual

9Go!, 10.15pm

Comprising deft 10-minute episodes, this likeable, local comedy is set in the fictional Metropolitan Sexual Health Clinic. Two doctors are in regular attendance: boyish, gormless, debt-laden Langdon Marsh (Riley Nottingham) and droll, knowing Pride and Prejudice-loving Stephanie Huddleston (Geraldine Hickey). As well as a stream of patients, they’re visited by Miranda Graft (Rebecca Massey), their health-department boss who, unbeknown to her staff, is looking to trim her operation. It’s light-hearted and bouncy and each episode ends with a sexual health message delivered by the doctors. The eight-part comedy airs on Monday and Tuesday on 9Go! with the complete season available on 9Now from December 4.

Metro Sexual.

Metro Sexual.Credit:Nine Entertainment

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